AFI owner of Mayfair Brand, has been marketing its products since 1969 in the international and domestic market. The company pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy and adhering to trade mark rules & regulations of its international markets, supplies under alternate trade marks in number of countries. Starting with a modest plant base, but with steady growth and induction of new machines and technology, Mayfair today has a leading share in the Pakistan’s domestic market of sugar confectionery. Mayfair is currently the market leader in Deposited Candy category with the brand of “Mayfair Creamers” in the domestic market. The company has achieved significant success in marketing its candies & toffees in more than 20 countries of the globe. The company strives to continually develop new products for differing taste preferences in diverse markets. Asian Foods also has a rich experience of supplying its premium quality confectionery products to international marketing companies under their prestigious brands. This allows the company to continually learn from global experiences of large corporations.