Our Company Asian Food Industries Limited (AFI) is the manufacturer of ‘Mayfair’ Brand confectionery products from Pakistan. The company has been marketing its premier quality sugar confectionery products in the domestic and export market for more than thirty years. Setup in 1969, AFI was located in Karachi, commercial hub & port city of Pakistan. With the diversification into textile business, it was decided to consolidate Mayfair Group’s plant locations. The production facility of AFI was relocated to Raiwind Industrial Area. Raiwind a satellite town 30 kilometres from Lahore, also houses Mayfair Spinning Mills Limited. Mayfair Group takes pride in both its businesses; Mayfair Spinning produces 100% cotton yarn of premium quality for the export market. Asian Food Industries is always planning for future challenges. A proactive strategy is pursued in acquisition of newer technologies and techniques in order to develop new products in a more hygienic environment with increased efficiencies. In the year 2004 the company will be pleased to offer its valuable customers, savoury and delicious biscuits produced on the most modern biscuit making plant. This is part of the company’s plan to broaden its product base and capitalise on its wealth of experience in the confectionery industry.
Our Team

Asian Food Industries takes pride in its professional team administering work with the aid of the latest management and communication systems. The AFI team is 550 strong, highly motivated and dynamic professionals. Asian Food Industries with a strong customer focus, has independent marketing teams for the domestic and international markets. The company lays a strong emphasis on employee development and career progression. Individuals ready to take up the high paced challenge are provided a conducive environment.

Our Market

AFI owner of Mayfair Brand, has been marketing its products since 1969 in the international and domestic market. The company pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy and adhering to trade mark rules & regulations of its international markets, supplies under alternate trade marks in number of countries. Starting with a modest plant base, but with steady growth and induction of new machines and technology, Mayfair today has a leading share in the Pakistan’s domestic market of sugar confectionery. Mayfair is currently the market leader in Deposited Candy category with the brand of “Mayfair Creamers” in the domestic market. The company has achieved significant success in marketing its candies & toffees in more than 20 countries of the globe. The company strives to continually develop new products for differing taste preferences in diverse markets. Asian Foods also has a rich experience of supplying its premium quality confectionery products to international marketing companies under their prestigious brands. This allows the company to continually learn from global experiences of large corporations.

Domestic Market Network The Pakistani market is largely trade driven with more than 60% of the sales coming from the 400 wholesale markets spread all across Pakistan. This trend is now giving way to more sophisticated distribution mechanisms. Mayfair has a distribution network of 375 distributors covering the length & breadth of the country. The sales & marketing team of Asian Food Industries is lead by a General Manager Marketing. The company has structured its sales organisation into three regions to ensure availability of its products throughout Pakistan, a country of 140 million plus population. The sales team is lead by a National Sales Manager, managing a Regional Managers, Zonal Managers and dynamic sales officers. In all the sales & distribution network is energised by a team of 100 sales executives.
Production Facility Mayfair currently has the capacity to produce 81 tons of sugar confectionery per day. The product category with the largest market share, as well as biggest production capacity, is Deposited Candy. This is followed by Hard Boiled Candies, Bubble Gums, Toffees, Chew Toffees and Soft-boiled Toffees. Asian Food’s foray into sweet confectionery was with the manufacture of candies and toffees. In 1979 Mayfair became the first company to introduce bubble gum to the Pakistani market. To fulfil this latent need of the consumers, Mayfair bought the first fully automated and computerized bubble gum machine from Gabler and Rose Theegarten with a capacity of producing five tons per day. Subsequent expansion occurred with the introduction of the chew toffee line consisting of a computerized Terberaak, Gabler and Rose Theegarten plant. Further addition of capacities added new machines of Ruffinati, Hoberger, Bosch and Hansella. Latest acquisition of a deposited candy plant from Bepex, Terberaak, Eurosicma and GD Acma allows AFI to produce deposited candy on a modern plant and matching the premium quality candies produced by the notable international market leaders.